3 week european road trip itinerary

Since you’ve already done Rome and Venice I’d highly recommend putting Paris and Amsterdam onto the list for this trip, and maybe even London. My preference is to stay on the Pest side because it’s much larger and it’s where most of the attractions are sights are located. There are other smaller cities such as Pisa, Siena, Cinque Terre, and a few others, but on your first trip I would recommend focusing on the Big 3 cities on your list and then going to Switzerland for more thrills. If you have 2 or 3 additional days you might even add Florence and/or Venice to the Italy visit. Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m a fan of Easyjet (especially compared to Ryanair), but make sure you research the various fees for luggage and such. PARIS TO 3 nights INTER LAKEN (TRAIN) I have been to Getty center in L.a and I feel like rome just looks like that. What do you think? I love Amsterdam and you might even consider adding it to your trip as in Paris then train to Amsterdam then flight to Venice then train to Florence and train to Rome, but I think the rest of that region is a big step down from France and Italy. The problem is that traveling from one city to another will take most of a day in most cases, and if you travel every other day it means that your sightseeing time is cut in half. I only have 4 days for both belgium and amsterdam. do have any recommendations and advice? The most popular destination and my favorite as well is Berlin, but it’s kind of a long way from Paris. -Roger, hey ROger, thank you so much for replying, we really appreciated. -Roger, Hi Roger! For day trips, thinking renting a car be the easiest, most affordable way? I hope this helps. Now, the “x” means transportation options. Both of those are lovely cities, but Bruges in particular has quite a bit in common with Amsterdam, so it won’t make as much of an impact and it’s a good one to save for later. I would save Vienna for another trip, though others would disagree. Berlin is a large and exciting city with a lot of surprises, and it’s a bit cheaper than Vienna as well. You can buy a Swiss Travel Pass online and validate it when you get to Basel, which should save time. Thank you kindly for taking your time to write such an amazing article! It’s a pleasant place to spend a few days if you are stuck in London or Manchester most of the time, but on a trip like this there isn’t much to see. -Roger. For the most thrills in the shortest time I’d recommend three nights in the Interlaken area and then moving on. That is enough time to enjoy the best parts, and then hop back on the train for another hour to Bruges and stay there for 2 or maybe 3 nights. I think skipping Belgium on this trip is wise. Santorini Thank you much! -Roger. Wed Afternoon train to Cinque Terre Tripadvisor Forums ; Road Trips Forums; ... including other European countries, BTW, are on a break. We are currently planning our Europe trip for a month Sept/Oct 2018. And Rome is even closer to the coast, although none of the towns near there are tourist hubs for foreigners. Those four cities are each fantastic in their own right and each is a convenient train ride from Prague. With that in mind it’s probably best to save Greece for a future trip since it’s not close to the others. Back to Sydney flight 2 We have read many of the articles and have gotten good info from them. if maybe one is too far already. Prague (2 days) – then fly back to Perth. Right now it’s still the 2017 edition, but I will update it to the 2018 edition within the next week or so. But you’ve come to the right place and I will suggest having a look at our 3-star traveler index for Europe, which lists those 3 cities and 53 others. Those ideas of yours could each be great, but the tricky part (as you certainly know) is that they are all quite far from each other so combining them would require flying and a fair amount of hassle. The suggested itineraries in the article above should give you some ideas for cities that group well together. Rome also lives up to the hype and spending a day in the Vatican City will be a highlight even for non-Catholics, but it's also a crowded and busy city so three days is usually enough for most people. We are not a big fan of city hopping, and want to make sure we are spending enough time in city to be able to enjoy it and also keeping it relaxed/ slow paced. Is there a possibility to see UK, Paris, Amsterdam, Coliseum, Germany and back to UK in 18 days? 2 weeks – Not sure whether to add Amsterdam to the list. Montevideo, -Roger. you need to decide how much driving you want to do in a day. You could fly into London and spend 3 or 4 days there before taking the Eurostar train to Paris for 3 or 4 days. -Roger. And then a train to Prague for your final 3 nights before a flight back to London for your flight home. Welcome to TA Forums . When I check prices to fly into one city and leave from the other, prices skyrocket. The limited train service into Greece is very slow so it’s best to fly in and out. Is that achievable if we just stay overnight in each city just before we fly/train to Venice? I’ve yet to make it to Corsica or Sardinia, and not many Americans seem to visit those islands either, so I don’t have much to say about them aside that I’d assume they are as expensive as France and Italy, which means they’ll be a bit more expensive than Spain and much more expensive than Greece. You’ll probably want to get an 8-day Swiss Travel Pass for each person. Phnom Penh, Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m sure you’ll enjoy wherever you go. If you allow 3 days in Amsterdam, Rome, and Paris, that leaves you 6 days for Germany, Switzerland, and anywhere else you want to visit in Italy. This means even once you are at the front or back of the train it might still require a brisk 5-minute walk to reach your reserved seat. Switzerland is indeed amazing, but you’ll be able to see a lot in three nights there, or perhaps four if you prefer. Thanks for such a quick reply. Hi Roger, my updated itinearry is as under. I’d skip Innsbruck for sure. It’s the heart of Tuscany and so the food there is usually better than anywhere else in Italy. There are five of us in family (including a senior citizen) and we are planning a 2-2.5 week trip to Europe. This is one serious trip through 15 European cities in 6 weeks, but it’s absolutely worth it. Florence 3 Paris to Brussels: 1 hour 22 minutes Those are my top suggestions and I hope it helps. London is pretty amazing and most people agree that it lives up to the hype, and I don’t think the visa is too difficult to get. I’ve done trips like that where I stay one night in a city so I can see the main highlight and it gets exhausting quickly. Let me know if you have any other questions. How many days should we stay in Salzburg and how many in Vienna/Munich? I haven’t been to a match there, but I do know that getting tickets to big matches in Europe is often much more complicated than it is in the US or elsewhere. And in Spain you are pretty much guaranteed of a sizzling summer almost every day. Saint Kitts and Nevis They are quite cheap in general, and even cheaper if you buy them at least a month or more in advance. I want to plan at least 2 more cities, but it’s possible that i’ll need to return to DR from Brussels… what would you recommend? My partner and I are planning our first Europe trip in Oct this year for a month and was hoping to get some advice on the below itinerary – is it too ambitious or doable? Valencia to Madrid I’m very happy to hear that you are finding this information useful. That itinerary is pure highlights and contains much of the best of Europe. While I had done quite a bit of research and planning before we arrived and had a general idea of what our itinerary would look like, we didn’t book any rooms ahead of time other than our first night in Zagreb. Cape Town Anyway, my husband and I are planning to see a bit of Europe this coming months of April/May. -Roger, Roger, I am so excited that I stumbled upon your website. Bruges is much smaller and two days would probably be enough, but it’s very pleasant so I’m sure 3 days would be enjoyable. many thanks Winnie. hi roger, New York City, In, say, Greece, you could probably hire a van and a driver for a very reasonable price, but in Switzerland or France or Italy it could be more expensive than 11 train tickets. Liverpool sells a few seats about a week before each match online. Cheaper is better but I would also love to catch a view on a train. As long as you buy your train tickets at least a month or two in advance you should be getting the cheapest fares, but for flights it’s best to book 3 or more months in advance if you can. How are you doing? Poland Will really appreciate your kind help on this! Thank you. We like to do a variety of activities and enjoy both big and small cities and beautiful things in nature. We both love the history and natural beauty/ picturesque landscape Europe has to offer. Delhi -> Paris -> Amsterdam -> Berlin -> Prague -> Budapest -> Barcelona -> Paris -> Delhi I hope this helps. Then take the 2-hour train ride to Florence and spend 2 or 3 nights there. Later i would like to go to Ghent and explore Ghent for a day. Parking in Lucerne and Bern probably won’t be free, but at least it won’t be like parking in London. The rest of Switzerland is quite expensive as well, but you get much more hotel for your money in the Interlaken area than you do in central Zurich, and it’s FAR nicer as well. Those cities are also close together so a shorter visit to each could work because you don’t lose so much time traveling between them. I’m not a big fan of night trains, and many of them seem to be phasing out in recent years because so few people are booking them. I highly recommend staying 3 nights in almost any city you visit, for the reasons mentioned at that link. Milan or Rome….any suggestions? Vienna could be a good choice if you are interested in culture such as classic music and waltzing and such. Its Noa again, we have decided to travel 21-30 days. If you had 10 days you could do 7 days in Italy starting in Rome then Florence and then Venice, and then take a wonderful train ride through the Alps to Interlaken in Switzerland for 2 or 3 days. I was planning a trip to include Italy, France, Switzerland and wanted your advice on planning the best route and flow from one city to the other. As long as you buy your train tickets at least a month or two in advance, the train fares are quite cheap. Most French people are at the beaches or in the countryside until September 1. Brussels has a few highlights, but I’m not a big fan unless there is something there that you want to see. For booking hostels your best choice is probably Hostelworld. For your other 3 to 4 days the best options are Seville, Granada, and Valencia, probably in that order. Madrid to Lisbon I want to take a week long vacation to Europe from NY, I want to visit London, Paris & Spain. Or you could go from Paris to Barcelona in 6 hours and then to Madrid in two hours from there. That was really unfortunate and it could have changed our road trip itinerary for Europe, so we called Hertz, and they told us they don’t have a roadside assistance, so we should change a wheel to the temporary one located in the trunk, and then head to the nearest Hertz office in Salzburg. As mentioned in the article, the reason I like 3 nights in each place is that gives you 2 full days of sightseeing where you wake up and go to sleep in the same bed. Salzburg is gorgeous and really fun. 4/8. – Berlin, 2 nights Let me know if you have any other questions. We are thinking 3 days in each city besides Vienna, where we are thinking 2 nights. Of course, any suggestions you offer would be helpful. They sound like they could be a great experience if you are up for the vibe and rules that come along with them. There are a ton of things to do in Paris, here are my favourite things to do: Interlaken is a scenic little town in the Swiss Alps. -Roger. Spend one week in Portugal, splitting your time between Lisbon and the beautiful southern coastline. The website looks pretty impressive. Driving in Europe tends to be stressful for first-timers, and parking is notoriously difficult and expensive because they purposely try to limit auto traffic in popular cities. Your Munich schedule also looks frenzied with those day trips. I know you recommend Spain above but I am really at a loss on what I want to do past a few days at the beach. Vancouver If you stay in Gimmelwald or Murren or Lauterbrunnen or Wengen or Grindelwald you’ll be able to enjoy the amazing scenery all around you without spending too much more money. So you could take a train from Manchester to London and stay two nights to see Stonehenge on your one day there. But honestly, taking a road trip is one of my … Needless to say, there are important cathedrals in both of those cities as well. That article explains which places have really good Christmas celebrations and the weather in all of them. Due to distance and expenses we realize we cannot do both so we are expanding our options. 1. After that you could take a 3-hour train ride up to Amsterdam for 3 more days. 7. 4/5. It will be chilly no matter where you go in Europe that time of year, so there isn’t much point in going to a beach city such as Nice, because it’s very quiet in the cold months. I’ll try to answer your questions in the order they came up. As long as you buy your train tickets (and flights) at least two months or so in advance, the fares will be quite reasonable. I went with a duffel bag that is waterproof and is easily collapsible. Romania Any suggestions you have are most welcome. You can do most of this by train and that will be an enjoyable part of the experience. I hope this helps. So fly from Paris to either Milan or Venice. I’m always glad to hear that people find this useful. Day trips to Gibraltar, Alhambra, Tangier, ??? Venice is compact enough to see in 24 hours or so, but it’s not the most stroller-friendly city because of all the stairs and bridges. I’m glad to hear that you found this useful. You can take the Eurostar train from London to Paris, and then normal high-speed trains between all of the others. Bariloche, I am Vijay from Mauritius and I wish to visit Europe with 3 friends in August 2020 for 3 weeks. -Roger. Rome – 2N. Scotland 3 Then fly to Amsterdam and then take the train south into Belgium and then on to Paris for your flight home. Generally I think they’ll be best off focusing on train travel. This will be my second time to visit Europe, our first time was in May 2016 for 21 days covering London, Bruges, Paris and Bergen. Let me know if you have any other questions. Your schedule will be so tight that it’ll be best to figure out all of your train rides in advance. And I read in some of your comments above that the train bookings only open 3 months in advance…so can’t really book them right now. Day Destination Night stay Nights Generally speaking, trains in Europe are MUCH more enjoyable than flying, so you’ll really want to take the train whenever it’s practical, even in some cases where it might cost a bit more. So I’d start by shortening your list to maybe 5 cities and hopefully places that are fairly close to each other. Thanks in Advance. Being Easter weekend, will many of attractions be closed that weekend? Bulgaria we wish to see the northern light. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to help more if I can. What would you suggest we should definetely do from this, and what should we drop? Las Vegas, The reason I recommend 3 nights so strongly is that gives you two full sightseeing days in each city, which is enough time to see all of the best highlights. Vienna is loaded with great sights, although it’s not one of my favorites partly because it’s very quiet at night unless you are going to the opera or a classical performance. Plus, is it possible to catch an early morning bus from CK around 8.30am to reach Salzburg around 11.00 am. I prefer not to give people attraction itineraries because tastes and budgets are very different. Any information you would like to share is highly appreciated. You could fly into Istanbul and spend 3 days there. Berlin is a huge city with a lot to see as well. World-renowned Budapest. That takes about 4.5 hours total, which is about the same or maybe a bit faster than flying when you consider the time of going from one city center to the other. You could conceivably take a train from Amsterdam to Cologne for a taste of Germany. I would probably focus on something like this: Amsterdam to Paris to Germany or Switzerland and then to Italy. Cologne and Luxembourg City are also possibilities between Amsterdam and Paris. If you want to keep that list of cities I think it makes the most sense to start in Athens and then fly to Rome and then take a train to Venice and then a train to Turin. If you know Spanish it helps, but there are plenty of English speakers there. Have a wonderful trip. It may be possible for her to travel towards a larger city and I fly into there and start our vacation from there. The one issue I’d think with traveling with an infant is that it’s probably best to avoid some of the hilly cities and some with cobblestone sidewalks because that can make pushing a stroller a bit of a pain. Also if there is any particular website that you could recommend, for booking all the train tickets within Europe and economic stays/dorms, it would be really helpful too. Amsterdam Roger, I’m happy to help more as your planning goes on, so let me know if you have any other questions. Either by rail or coach. -Roger. Paris is really an amazing place to spend 3 or 4 nights, and if you’ve got another few days you could take the Eurostar train over to London for a few days. What would you recommend? So many countries, so much history, changes of culture and language from one hour to the next. Or you could go to Germany to visit Munich and Berlin and also Amsterdam? If you do those three things that would only leave you 3 or 4 days for Germany itself. When I grew up I was REALLY into British music and culture and whatnot so London was a huge thing for me. Firstly I really want to appreciate the website and the way you respond. In fact, the CHF120 Half Fare Card almost pays for itself on Jungfraujoch alone because it saves about CHF100. its a girls trip and everyone is in their 30’s. Many thanks in advance. There are many really wonderful parts of France in the northeast of the country that are between Paris and Interlaken, so hopefully you can find some things that interest you in that region. One tricky and sometimes unfortunate thing about France is that for the popular intercity trains such as Paris to Nice, they require a mandatory seat reservation that can be expensive. One challenge is that the beach towns and lake areas are very seasonal and many hotels and restaurants are shut down for the winter. You could also go to Spain on a cheap flight. i am a female and would particularly need advise on accommodation that is reasonable( private) like 60 euros max. Of course you could see a fair portion of Austria in less than three weeks but to my mind, in order to really get the most out of a holiday, you need to spend a few nights wherever you visit. Thank ypu in advance. I think Italy is the best choice in winter for most people who want to go to Europe because the weather is decent and all of the big cities and major attractions are still going. 4. If you also want to include Venice I would do 4 nights in Paris and then a flight to Venice (or nearby Treviso Airport, which can sometimes be cheaper) and then 1 or 2 days in Venice and then 3 or 4 days in Rome. Each of those cities is a top-notch destination with plenty of things to see and do nearby. Love your page and your replies are extremely insightful too. My husband and I want to visit Europe in 28 day. -Roger. 1. The town of Interlaken itself is pretty nice, but Lucerne is quite a bit more interesting and charming. Let me know if you have any other questions. I have friends in Eindhoven who I want to visit during the 4th-6th may weekend. I think you are better off with Amsterdam on this trip, and keep Gimmelwald and Switzerland in general in mind for a future trip. i.e. I am an active 62 year old, and can finally permit myself to do a little travelling. Fri Siena to Rome Then you can take the Eurostar train from Paris to London in a bit over 2 hours. Hopefully at least one of these ideas sounds like a good foundation for your trip. This should at least help you get more of your plan together on your own. Of those two I’d choose Seville. If you want to spend time on a beach you will obviously be limited to southern countries in October. It’s a real joy to take high-speed trains from one city center to another, especially compared to taking a taxi or bus out to an airport and then going through security and all that. Paris and London are easily two of the world’s great cities for culture, entertainment, and walking tours, and they are both quite vibrant all year round. You can then take the Eurostar train to Paris for 3 nights and then a train to Amsterdam for 3 nights before flying back to Ireland and then home. If you do include Ireland you could then fly back there after Italy to board your flight home. Vientiane It is indeed very helpful. That is probably too many cities to visit in 28 days, even though Venice is small enough to visit in 1 or 2 days. -Roger. From Santorini you could fly to any of the others on your list and spend 3 days there, and then one more stop before flying to London for 3 days and then your flight home. 7 cities, 6 countries. Thanks again. The Eurostar is fairly cheap if bought well in advance as well. June is pretty crowded in all of those places, but still very worthwhile going to all of them. I am planning for honeymoon to europe in Nov , around 20 days. That said, I find Dresden and Nuremburg to be quite dull, although I know each plays a pretty big roll in German history. It should give you some other ideas. One problem is that the nearest big airport to Füssen is Munich, so you’ll probably be going back through Munich one way or another. If you go to Paris you could visit Brussels and Bruges next. I’m glad I was able to help and this version looks very well organized with nonstop highlights. You can get cheap flights into Manchester from most large cities in Europe. I hope this helps. While Croatia is getting more popular it’s still a nice hidden gem, in some ways. You could even do 2 nights in Florence and 1 night in Venice instead, as they are a short train ride from each other. I had some more questions regarding our trip. Thank you so much! The flights and train tickets will be fairly cheap as long as you buy them as far in advance as you are able, especially with the flights. For the Italy part it’s easiest to fly into Rome and spend 3 nights there, and then take the short train ride to Florence for 3 nights, and then another train ride to Venice for one or two nights. Madrid–1 night to fly home. -Roger. What would you suggest? We’re planning a girls trip to Europe in June 2019 and thinking of doing Budapest (3nights), Prague (3nights) and Vienna (3nights). We don’t need 4 star hotels, just something clean. Also, do you think its wise to get the passes? Of course you could see a fair portion of Austria in less than three weeks but to my mind, in order to really get the most out of a holiday, you need to spend a few nights wherever you visit. Airbnbs that are in the main tourist zone tend to be more expensive than hotel rooms (and much larger as well), so I almost always stay in hotels. we will be travelling to europe more in the years to come but we want to visit these as a family member would be going to Germany to study next year. And also wondering if you recommend Air BB since we are 6? Each of them is beautiful (including Utrecht and Maastricht etc), but they are all quite similar. I found a trip for 3 nights each in London, Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome. It seems expensive at first, but the train rides and attractions in Switzerland are very expensive and if you are staying that long you’ll easily save money with it. So you could go Paris to Amsterdam then fly to Vienna then a train to Salzburg then a train to Venice and finally a train to Rome for your last 3 days. This is the grandson’s first ‘wish list’: Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dunkirk, Omaha Beach, American Cemetery, Nice/Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Lisbon, Malaga. Rome -> Florence -> Venice -> Switzerland and maybe Milan (for return?) I’m happy to help if you have other questions. Book a flight for 8.5 hours (cheapest and easiest option). France is challenging for itineraries like this because unlike most other European countries, many of the larger cities aren’t very popular with tourists. You’ll see some other ideas of what to visit in Switzerland near Lucerne on this article. Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague. 4/11. For your first trip it's best to visit cities that are no more than a 5-hour train ride apart. London (9/10-9/14) I’m so happy to hear that my information has helped. -Roger. Do you have any suggestions to improve this portion of the trip or any suggestions for any of it? -Roger. Paris-1N 4. I’m happy to help with more advice, but I would prefer that you choose most of your cities. Your plan sounds really nice and I wish I could join you. But again, with 7 people including some that can’t get around easily, marching around the city center would also be a challenge. Then you’d fly to Venice and spend 1 or 2 nights there and then a train to Florence for 3 nights and then a train to Rome for three nights, and then fly to Barcelona. -Roger. I’d like to sleep there if possible. Bergen is more interesting than Oslo, and it’s also the gateway to the Norwegian fjord region. Hi Roger. Budapest 3. And all of the justifiably famous attractions such as the Coliseum and Vatican Museum are VERY crowded. In fact, you’d almost certainly find trains more enjoyable and they wouldn’t cost much more if you buy your tickets at least a month or two in advance. -Roger, It’s been fun reading all the advice you provide.

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