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She adopted Olivia, and her sister Rachel, after their mother died and Olivia killed their stepfather, and consequently she and Olivia share a much closer relationship. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. We learn that while both Astrids' mothers died when they were young, and they were both raised by their fathers, that alternate universe Astrid felt a sense of rejection and disapproval from her father, while the Astrid in the primary universe had a warm, loving father, whom she was close to (though she lies about this in an attempt to console her counterpart). During an investigation of a flesh-dissolving toxin, John is exposed to the toxin after the lab producing it explodes with him nearby. In the second season two-part finale "Over There", and a major plot element of the third season, Peter is found to be the only person that can cause a reaction from an apparent doomsday device that Walternate has assembled in the parallel universe and that is currently being assembled in the prime world.[12]. These character profiles describe the characters as they appear in the original universe, with universe differences noted separately. [24] Over the course of the first season, he is also proven to be the leader of ZFT, the organization responsible for most incidents investigated by the Fringe Division during season one. He then departs from Olivia's consciousness. Little is known of Broyles' past. Walternate also serves as the immediate superior to the shapeshifters, with their leader—Thomas Jerome Newton—being extremely loyal and protective of him (possibly being friends). Sam Weiss (portrayed by Kevin Corrigan) is a friend of Nina Sharp who operates at a bowling alley, and helped her with her physical therapy process after she lost her arm. Blair Brown. William then explains that there is something more complicated than he expected. [47] As a tie-in with the show, actors playing Observers appeared in the audience of other FOX network shows, including American Idol and the 2009 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. [21] This is later revealed to be because his son is dying, and David Robert Jones is providing medicine to save him in return for Broyles' cooperation. [15], The parallel universe version of Astrid Farnsworth is an autistic savant serving as a computer and statistics specialist in the Fringe division.[16][17]. [24], He finally succeeds in opening a portal to the parallel universe, where Bell is located. In the 5th season episodes "Anomaly XB-6783746" and "The Boy Must Live", it is revealed that after the events of the fourth season, the Observers removed September's observer technology and conducted "biological reversion" experiments on him, causing him to transform into a human. Knowing that the three pieces were once taken from Walter's brain and when reinserted, they will cause Walter to remember how to open the gateway between the universes. In the next episode it is revealed that he planted a message in the form of a black dot in Peter's eye which contains an address in New York. ",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 December 2020, at 03:26. [20] In the third season episode "Entrada", Colonel Broyles sacrifices himself to give time for Olivia to escape the parallel universe. [6] In the episode "6:02 AM EST" it is revealed that she has named the baby Henry. He also has other branches of mysterious knowledge, such as being able to predict that a series of seemingly random letters Olivia picks out will contain a message that would help her get over the death of Charlie. In the fourth season, it is noted by Nina and Walter that Bell is dead, having, in the new timeline, committed suicide in a car accident in 2005 to end his suffering from lymphoma. Though the Fringe division is aware of the Observers, their intent is not yet known, though believed to be related to the Machine and the conflict between the two universes. They exhibit several strange mannerisms such as awkward phrasing when talking, a preference for extremely flavored, like spicy or salty foods due to an extremely dulled sense of taste, and the ability to appear or disappear when one looks away. He then disappears before Olivia can call an ambulance to help him.[43]. He is a genius with an I.Q. Watch all 22 Fringe episodes from season 4,view pictures, get episode information and more. He also cryptically says, "they are coming". In the episode "Peter", September is a catalyst in Walter's abduction of Peter from the parallel universe; September arrived wanting to see the creation of the cure by Walternate that would have saved Peter, but instead distracted Walternate from witnessing a critical test result. Shortly thereafter, it is discovered that John himself financed the creation of the toxin. Much of September's machinations with Fringe in the first four seasons were to prepare Walter to use Michael for their plan to defeat the unemotional Observers ("The Boy Must Live"). He is instructed to insert a device into the bridge between universes but instead turns himself in to prime-universe Broyles. Peter Bishop later takes it upon himself to kill all of the remaining shapeshifters in the Prime Universe, after he is able to decode their sleeper identities from the files on Fauxlivia's computer. He is called in to audit the procedures of the Fringe Division, and puts a clear emphasis on Olivia's actions. The two parted ways, William going on to form Massive Dynamic. In the 4th episode of season 4, "Subject 9", Walter calls out to Astrid by uttering "Claire!". Harris then joined the Department of Homeland Security, rising in rank to become a high-level consultant for the Pentagon. Seth Gabel. The episode "Inner Child" introduces the Fringe division to a child that appears to possess many Observer-like qualities.[44]. Just one week after Peter Bishop saved the day and was then wiped from existence, the truce between the two worlds remains intact and the two sides are forced to work together. September (portrayed by Michael Cerveris), often referred to as The Observer, is a mysterious figure seen at the scene of many Pattern-related events. He is the archetypal mad scientist. "You're gonna be fine.". Fringe cast ( josh, john, jasika) and crew provided 5 photos taken on set of episode 4 of season 4 for this fan video. She, and her partner Simon Foster (Henry Ian Cusick), eventually locate the team (except for Olivia Dunham) frozen in amber and free them. [29] Charlie's death weighs heavily on Olivia's conscience. Over the course of the show Olivia develops a romantic relationship with Peter. Newton is finally caught by the FBI, but, by means of the alternate Olivia, he commits suicide before the Fringe division is able to get any information from him.[52]. With Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown. You can find specific show content by clicking the menu system at the top of t Peter Bishop comes to the emotional realization that Henrietta is his daughter. As his position makes him her superior officer, Olivia does her best to humor him. He has been involved in the military, citing experience as a Colonel in "six wars". Science Fiction, Monsters & Mutants, Henrietta "Etta" Bishop (portrayed by Georgina Haig) is a government agent in the year 2036, and is the daughter of Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham. Walternate, making arrangements through Newton and other shapeshifters, successfully traveled to the prime universe, and was later brought to see Peter for the first time since he was taken by his counterpart. [4] In the episode "Immortality," Fauxlivia is revealed to be pregnant with Peter Bishop's child, which Walternate hopes to use to sway Peter back to the Other Universe. The conviction was later overturned, but Harris' career was ruined. Thanks to the advanced nanotechnology known in the other dimension, Lee does not stay away from duty for long, and after a three months medical treatment he is completely recovered. Rate. In the second season finale, he helps Walter and Olivia to evade capture in the parallel universe, and then assists Walter in preparing equipment for them to return to the prime universe; William and Walter reestablish their friendship when William reminds Walter why he had removed the brain pieces. He seems to derive joy from both these quirks. In the third season episode "The Firefly", September conducts a convoluted experiment to test Walter's resolve to give up Peter for the greater good when the time comes. The parallel Lincoln Lee theorized that it was because he made a conscious choice to become that confident man. Peter begs September to send him back to the original timeline but September assures him that this is where he is meant to be before teleporting away. [3] Fauxlivia has also been nicknamed, unofficially, Altivia, Alt-Olivia, Otherlivia, and Bolivia. [39] Harris is eventually exposed as a ZFT operative during an investigation of two pyrokinetic women. [29] Several other shapeshifters have been shown in the series, including one that aids in the parallel universe's Olivia's escape from the prime universe. Despite identical life experiences, at some point their lives bifurcated in opposite directions with the prime Lincoln Lee lacking confidence and the parallel Lincoln Lee being quite confident. Disbelieving Nina, Walter returns to St. Claire's Mental Institution and finds the scent of Bell in one of the log books that dated back to when Walter believed he had visited, and continues to assert this claim. Rate. He also continually tells her that he loves her "always", and intends to prove it to her. He is a close friend of Phillip Broyles. This connection ties him to "the Pattern", the incidents investigated by the Fringe Division, making him a suspected terrorist. © 2021 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. [1], Following his death, John's corpse is secretly delivered to Massive Dynamic, to serve as an information gathering source. He eventually kills Charlie and takes his place,[18] using his position to find the location of Newton before he is identified by Olivia and killed. It is also suggested that the toxin which killed him may have been a disastrous attempt by ZFT to create human shape-shifters, although this is unconfirmed. 8.6 (2,015) 0. Like other Observers that have appeared on the show, September is only seen wearing a plain black suit and black fedora, and is pale, bald, and lacks eyebrows. Headed by Newton, the shapeshifters start tracking down and extracting pieces of brain tissue from three separate mental patients. He is in charge of the Fringe division after the death of the alternate Colonel Broyles. He begins to establish a friendship with her, and Olivia pays him another visit after learning the truth about Peter's origin. Drama, Walter Bishop (portrayed by John Noble; main: season 1–5) is a former government researcher into fringe science with a recorded I.Q. "Michael" is a child Observer (portrayed by Spencer List[44] and later by Rowan Longworth), first introduced in the first season episode "Inner Child" and later re-introduced in the fifth season. Rate. When Loeb eventually learns about his wife's death, he confesses his involvement with Jones, and is incarcerated. Donald's plan is to convince the scientists of 2167 not to proceed with these experiments, by showing them that it is possible for humans to contain both logic and emotion and be peaceful, like Michael. Astrid, who normally brushes off these idiosyncrasies, however, this time she asked Walter: "Really?!? The tragedy of much-loved icon Yootha Joyce will make Edinburgh Fringe … But in secret she was allied with the resistance and helped the Fringe team. Walter cuts off his hand and tells Astrid to not tell anyone, until in Five-Twenty-Ten, he used it to unlock a storage facility and retrieve part of the plan. The parallel universe version of Charlie Francis is alive and an agent of the alternate and more powerful Fringe division. [50] Though they had some idea of the Observers' role, they gave Cerveris much leeway to develop the character in the manner he wanted, from choosing the outfit he would wear to his language mannerisms. Etta is the partner of the new male agent to be played by Lost ‘s Henry Ian Cusick. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. [21], In season 5 and the future of 2036, Nina Sharp is the director of Ministry of Science and appeared to cooperate with the Observers. Eventually, she is brought back to the parallel world after completing her mission in the prime one. He often says things which seem so obvious that no one else wants to say (or thinks necessary) and tends to burst into song while working, as he believes it helps him think. When US Senator Van Horn is severely injured and revealed to be a shapeshifter, Newton orders him killed. of 196. Peter is able to close the portal in time for it not to result in any real disaster. Broyles later notes that he was never found. In the overarching storyline for the five seasons of the show, several versions of the characters are introduced. He is placed in a medically induced coma, and during this time Walter devises a procedure to link his mind to Olivia's in order to gain information about the suspect who caused the explosion. Captain Lincoln Lee (portrayed by Seth Gabel; main: season 4; recurring: season 2–3, 5) is a team leader within the parallel universe Fringe division, working with Fauxlivia and Alt-Charlie. In season 5, Broyles is "The Dove" for the resistance feeding intel to the underground, he is exposed as the dove and interrogated but he is saved by Peter and Olivia in the series finale. Later, in Season 5, Agent Lee is shown to be married to Fauxlivia as they run Fringe division in the Other Universe. In "Anomaly XB-6783746", her allegiance was exposed and she was caught by Captain Windmark. He seems to be very bad at keeping secrets, as he immediately tells Fauxlivia that her fiancé intends to propose to her after having been told in confidence. He is first shown whilst being contacted by Olivia, who is trying to find the antidote for a parasite in Agent Loeb's body. Just one week after Peter Bishop saved the day and was then wiped from existence, the truce between the two worlds remains intact and the two sides are forced to work together. In the alternate timeline created by Peter Bishop's erasure, many of the events of John's life remain the same.

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