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The problem with this was that it did not say what an emergency was, and in the end, it turned out to be a way that Hitler used to take power legally. STRENGTHS • A Bill of Rights guaranteed every German citizen freedom of speech and religion, and equality under the law. He refused and demanded to be made chancellor. ... NOTES Hitler: GCSE History Rise of Evil Covers Hitler’s rise to power BBC History File Rise to power The Nazis: A Warning from History Comprehensive documentary. 3. It exploded, but Hitler survived. To begin revising for GCSE History, the first thing you will need is the specification for your exam board. This summary consists of 20 pages of condensed detailed notes summarising the IGCSE Cambridge History Germany Depth Study syllabus since 2009. In January 1933, Hindenburg and Papen came up with a plan to get the Nazis on their side by offering to make Hitler vice chancellor. As you can see the period between 1919 to 1923 was defined by one crisis after another. [pic] A shop damaged during Kristallnacht 1939 • Jews were forced to live in ghettoes. But then, on 4 October 1923, Kahr and Lossow called off the rebellion. These notes are from classes, research, assignments, textbooks etc. | |[pic] |Banning political parties made Germany a one-party state and destroyed democracy in the country. 3. Ebert’s first action was to sign an armistice with the Allies, bringing an end to the Great War. There was a further unsuccessful attempt by right-wing forces in Munich in 1923. 48% Iron Industry 6. Results of the Munich Putsch The Munich Putsch was a failure. This was an impossible situation for Hitler, who had 3,000 troops ready to fight. • The DAF (German Labour Front) controlled workers' conditions at work. Weimar Germany … Government (political) The way Hitler consolidated power in 1933-1934 meant that the Nazis had absolute control of national and local government. German leaders were concerned at the socialist threat and persuaded the kaiser to abdicate. Was the Weimar Republic doomed from the start? For the next six years he was able to bring about a time of peace and a return to normalcy for Germany. A Jack-booted German soldier puts up the letter P in front of the word Reparations to spell Preparations, while old bill poster Treaty of Versailles is tattered and falling off the wall. • Textbooks were re-written to include Nazi political and racial ideas. Nationalists and racists blamed the Treaty of Versailles and reparations. Clear message showing the link between the reparations set by the Treaty of Versailles and the German preparations regarding rearmament. They sell their products to education, consumer creative professional, business and government customers. How To Revise For Edexcel GCSE History. • The Olympic Games of 1936 were a huge Nazi propaganda success. The Allied blockade of German ports would continue until an Armistice was signed. Flashcards. • The KdF (Strength through Joy) movement regulated their leisure time. • Put homosexuals, prostitutes, Jehovah's Witnesses, alcoholics, pacifists, beggars, hooligans and criminals - who they regarded as anti-social - into concentration camps. German's currency became worthless. • People's radios were sold very cheaply, but broadcasts were controlled. The Munich Putsch 1923 In November 1923, Hitler tried to take advantage of the crisis facing the Weimar government by instigating a revolution in Munich. • Everybody had a job, and a wage. Weimar Germans voted for a party. 2. • History was taught to glorify Germany. It followed, therefore, that communists and … History Revision Notes - Germany Weimar - strengths and weaknesses The Weimar Republic After Germany lost the First World War, the Kaiser fled and a new democratic government of Germany was declared in February 1919 at the small town of Weimar. Updated 28th July 2016 - Treaty of Versailles section updated, new graphics and information. With only ninety minutes to spare before the deadline for signing ran out, they sent a message to Paris saying that Germany accepted the treaty. He wrote: ‘Those who sign this Treaty will sign the death sentence of millions of German men, women and children.’. Soldiers returning home from the war were unable to find jobs and some ended up begging in the streets. Inflation is not easy to stop once it has got started. Prep for a quiz or learn for fun! IGCSE History Paper 4 is the Depth Study paper, and consequently the content material differs depending on what Depth Study you studied at your school. The period 1923-1929 was a time when the economy boomed and cultural life flourished in Germany. Full employment - the idea that everyone should have a job. com is a FREE History revision website containing GCSE History revision, IGCSE History revision, A Level History revision and IB Diploma History revision podcasts and videos. . Germany was to lose one-tenth of its land, all its overseas colonies and most of its armed forces. The Nazis did not appeal to: • working men who voted Communist intellectuals such as students and university professors They were popular with: • nationalists and racists • farmers • lower middle-class people such as plumbers and shopkeepers who were worried about the chaos Germany was in • rich people worried by the threat from Communism Rebellions Unsurprisingly, the hardships created by hyperinflation led to many uprisings as groups struggled to take power from Weimar. The Germans were horrified. Germany between 1918 and 1919 was in chaos. | |26 April 1933 |Local government is reorganised - the country is carved up into 42 Gaus, which are run by a Gauleiter. Depth Study: Germany Part 3 - The Nazi regime. Share: Tweet. Hire a subject expert to help you with Gcse History Revision Notes – Germany, Bands of soldiers called Freikorps refused to disband and formed private armies. The more money the government printed, the faster prices when up, until 1923 became a year of hyperinflation. • Rearmament created jobs in the armaments industry. November 1918 – The Kaiser abdicated after revolts around Germany after he had refused to become more democratic. Helped by the Belgian army, they invaded this area to take coal, iron and steel in payment for the year. Germany to surrender her navy and merchant fleet to the Allies. For the past four months, in Paris, the Allies had been working out a peace treaty with Germany. Mass rallies at Nuremberg. • Hitler set up a state Reich Church, which banned the Bible and the cross. Depth Study: Germany Part 2 - Why was Hitler able to dominate Germany by 1934? 16% Coal 5. [pic] The Kapp Putsch march in March 1920, the right-wing nationalist Dr Wolfgang Kapp took over Berlin. How did the Weimar Republic survive? Hitler assembled a large group of unemployed young men and former soldiers, known as the storm troopers (the SA), which attacked other political groups. Home; About; History; English; Geography ; Resources; General; Contact; Search for: Posted in Analysis. The faster prices went up, the faster people spent their wages. The Paris Peace Settlement was beginning to look very shaky. Seven key structures The Nazi party aimed to control every aspect of people's political, social and working lives. In 1923 the Weimar Republic was teetering at the brink of a very large cliff with problems such as hyperinflation, attempted revolutions and public discontent, pushing it increasingly towards the edge. |[pic] |Abolishing the trade unions allowed Hitler to destroy a group that might have opposed him. On the banner: For Freedom and Justice. Here are a comprehensive collection of short study notes and interactive revision resources for the Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939 (Option 31) unit of the Edexcel GCSE History course. My NEW book of daily historical accounts, Another 366 Days, is now available to purchase from Amazon. Toggle navigation i-study. GERMANY TOPIC MAP (Knowledge Checklist) GCSE Germany Assessment Mat (Mark scheme) Germany Exam Paper. Looking specifically in the field of World War 2, a popular. The same thing happened in other ports nearby. To have even part of this taken away would be a shattering blow to the country’s well-being. Learn How to Play Chess: The Rules It's never to late to learn how to play chess - the most popular game in the world! • Pensioners on fixed incomes and people with savings were the most badly hit. These were young people who rejected Nazi values, drank alcohol and danced to jazz. All he could was to abdicate. 1. Report Sun 12th May, 2013 @ 15:35. One man borrowed money to buy a herd of cattle, but soon after paid back his loan by selling one cow. This agreement allows | |[pic] |Hitler to take over political power in Germany as long as he leaves the Catholic Church alone. The original 366 Days, is still in print and available here.. Mr Allsop History . June 2017 – OCR (J418) History B: Modern World. Girls did keep fit in the BDM [BDM: Bund Deutscher Madel - the German group for girls age 14+ ] to make themselves healthy for childbirth, but they were discouraged from staying slim, because it was thought that thin women had trouble giving birth. The following 15 pages are in this category, out of 15 total. Ebert got ready to stand down as President. Resources For Teachers, Students & Parents. 3. This site has been created in an effort to help IGCSE History students. The right wing was even more of a threat to the Republic. After all, they had done what the Allies had demanded: the Kaiser had given up his throne and they had elected a democratic government to rule Germany in his place. Learn. Second, the people who were expelled from their homes had to be housed and fed by the government since it had ordered the passive resistance in the first place. THANK YOU. Memorial card. • Killed 85 per cent of Germany's Gypsies. Anya. 2. Scholars Weimar Germany - Mind Map. It was not a good start for the Republic. Hitler wanted a high birth rate, so the population would grow. Restaurants stuck up notices readings ‘Dogs and Frenchmen forbidden’. The ‘November Criminals’ were to pay dearly for it. Top Gcse History Germany Flashcards Ranked by Quality. • Jewish civil servants, lawyers and teachers sacked. The emphasis is on both historical knowledge and on the skills required for historical research. In January 1923, there were five French divisions and one Belgian division in the Ruhr. With the help of the Free Corps, the Weimar government had put down the communists in both Berlin and Bavaria. After the German defeat in WWI, Kaiser Wilhelm II, the German Emperor, was extremely unpopular with his people – he was arrogant, tactless, and an ineffective war leader. Part of T of V) on time, which set off a train of events that included: • a French invasion of the Ruhr • a general strike • hyperinflation • a number of communist rebellions • an attempted Nazi putsch in Munich Weimar - crisis of 1923. More violent groups were called the Edelweiss Pirates. • Jewish children forbidden to go to school. him. GCSE and IGCSE History Revision, Weimar and Nazi Germany 1919-1945. 3. • Many Jews were sacked and their jobs given to non-Jews. Artists had to produce acceptable paintings that portrayed Nazi values. A strong Germany - the Treaty of Versailles should be abolished and all German-speaking people united in one country. They claimed that the German government was bluffing and decided to take what they were owed by force. Free Edexcel GCSE History Revision Guides and Notes Here! The Weimar Republic faced violent uprisings from various groups, not to mention economic problems. https://phdessay.com/gcse-history-revision-notes-germany/, The Rearmament of Germany in the 1920s and 30s. Non-Nazi teachers and university professors were sacked; teachers had to join the National Socialist Teachers' League. On 2nd October 1918, Ludendorff, a leading general, said this to shocked politicians in the Reichstag (Parliament): Ludendorff insisted that the German government ask President Wilson for an armistice (3 October), hoping to get less severe terms based on Wilson’s ‘Fourteen Points’. The working classes were badly hit: wages failed to keep pace with inflation and trade union funds were wiped out. The structures of control in the Nazi state Hitler introduced many policies and measures to ensure the Nazis remained in control, once he declared himself Fuhrer. STUDY. IGCSE History Germany Depth Study. History; GCSE; Edexcel; Download. How did Germany emerge from defeat at the end of the First World War? In retaliation, 5,000 people were executed. They had been betrayed, not just by the Allies but also by their own politicians who had signed the armistice in November. • Cult of personality - Hitler's picture was everywhere, and he was portrayed as Germany's saviour. Germany after WWI 2. America called in all its foreign loans, which destroyed Weimar Germany due to the Dawes Plan. NOTES Hitler: GCSE History Rise of Evil Covers Hitler’s rise to power BBC History File Rise to power The Nazis: A Warning from History Comprehensive documentary . • Social Darwinism - the idea that the Aryan race was superior and Jews were 'subhuman'. | |20 June 1933 |Concordat - Hitler makes an agreement with the Pope who sees him as someone who can destroy communism. War Guilt. In 1937, the Pope's message 'With Burning Concern' attacked Hitler as 'a mad prophet with repulsive arrogance' and was read in every Catholic church. OCR GCSE: OCR History B: Modern World. People such as pensioners who were living on fixed incomes found that prices rose much faster than their earnings. 4. The Nazi party was banned, and Hitler was prevented from speaking in public until 1927. It is commonly said that inflation is caused by too much money chasing two few goods. | |30 June 1934 |Night of the Long Knives - some SA leaders are demanding that the Nazi party carry out its socialist agenda, and that the SA | |[pic] |take over the army. There was continuous violence and unrest: • In March 1920, there was a rebellion - the Kapp Putsch - that aimed to bring back the Kaiser . PLAY. and intimidation. One result was a campaign of hatred against the French. • Nazi Youth groups provided activities and holidays for young people. Homosexuals were persecuted; they did not fit the Nazi image of the ideal family. • Fascist - a strong central government and control of the newspapers. A mutiny, on 28 October, did take place, with the navy chiefs refusing to carry out the order for battle with the British. A presentation of the main aspects of the Treaty of Versailles: aims of the big three, six terms of TOV, how the Germans felt, why was the treaty so important, what the allies thought about the treaty, four other treaties 1919-1920, self-determination problems, successes and failures. igcsehistory.weebly.com/depth-study-germany-1918-ndash-1945-part-1.html The German government had resisted the French but in doing so, it had ruined the country. Consequently this podcast aims to be as broad as possible. The German army drew up plans to defend the country against invasion. NOTES Hitler: GCSE History Rise of Evil Covers Hitler’s rise to power BBC History File Rise to power The Nazis: A Warning from History Comprehensive documentary. On the other hand, landowners and industrialists came out of the crisis well, because they still owned material wealth – rich farming land, mines and factories. | | |When the courts convicted Dutch Communist van der Lubbe, but did not convict other. A constitution is a set of written laws that say what the Government can and cannot do, and how it will work. However, there were some brave individuals and groups who openly opposed Hitler and his policies. There were many attempts to overthrow the Republic during its early years. Haven’t found the relevant content? | | |After this action, Germans could no longer get rid of Hitler in an election. The standard of living dropped dramatically. Report Sat 25th May, 2013 @ 21:55:) Ryan. They ordered the Germans to sign within five days, or else they would invade. • Arrests of thousands of people terrified opponents. • Books written by Jews were publicly burned. IGCSE History. All classes in society must be united to make Germany a greater nation again and restore national pride. Millions of Germans read it, and Hitler's ideas became very well-known. Source Usefulness Practice. After just 100 hours as Germany’s new ruler, Kapp resigned, gave in and fled to Sweden. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. The French responded with tough measures. School History is the largest library of history teaching and study resources on the internet. The first instalment had taken all Germany could afford and so, in 1922, it failed to pay the second instalment. 4. • Nationalist terror groups assassinated 356 government politicians. In fact, officials were left to make most of the decisions themselves, and the Nazi government was badly-organised, and chaotic. The Nazis even considered making it law that families should have at least four children. 2. Save time and let our verified experts help you. In 1938, army leaders hoped Hitler's plan to conquer the Sudetenland would fail and give them an opportunity to depose [Depose: To remove a ruler or monarch. ] Peace Treaties Peace Treaties Versailles Aim: punish Germany, prevent war and allow self-determination Territorial Aim: to weaken Germany by taking away territories, to get compensation for cost of war by. The action of the French government in the Ruhr was a gross violation of international law and of the Treaty of Versailles. MrHappyMan01. Another Protestant pastor, Dietrich Bonhoffer, took part in the 1944 bomb plot and was executed. Hitler was given power in a political deal by Hindenburg and Papen who foolishly thought they could control him. Why did Hitler attempt the Munich Putsch in 1923? Land given to Poland, France & Belgium & Saarland given to League for 15 years. Summary Summary IGCSE Cambridge History Germany Depth Study Notes . • Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses were openly persecuted. • Kristallnacht (9 November) - attacks on Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues [Synagogues: These are places of Jewish worship and community. Hitler’s Germany was run on the following principles: Nazism was more than just a political movement; it was a way of life. Lack of Respect for Democratic Governments, Negative Association with the Versailles Peace Treaty. Key problems The Weimar Republic was created at a time of confusion and chaos after Germany had lost the First World War. Or so it seemed at the time. In the long run, these measures saved Germany from complete collapse. Includes detailed explanations Key dates and Key facts to help anyone achieve an A* This resource can be used with Year 10 and 11 students studying the German Depth Study of the iGCSE History exam. The emphasis is on both historical knowledge and on the skills required for historical research. Word Document 54.99 Kb. Berlin would suffer the same fate. Created by. It was difficult - and dangerous - to oppose Hitler. 3. Colonies taken away. In fact - because the Nazis had abolished the trade unions, banned strikes, and given more power to the industrialists - real wages fell and hours were longer under Hitler. Gustav Stresemann had been a nationalist, but he realised that something needed to be done to save Germany. • Set up Nazi people's courts. After considering the situation, the government not to sign the treaty and the ministers then signed. Work (working) • Dr Robert Ley, head of the DAF [DAF: German Labour Front ], boasted that he controlled workers' lives from the 'cradle to the grave'. | |Arguably the critical event - it gave Hitler absolute power to make his laws. 9-1 GCSE Exam: Structure Strips. QK. Their job was to keep the home nice for their husband and family - their life should revolve round the three 'Ks': • church • children • cooking Goebbels said: "The mission of women is to be beautiful and to bring children into the world. " It includes all the past paper questions for the four focus points specified by the exam board: 1. Dawes also arranged the Dawes Plan with Stresemann, which gave Germany longer to pay reparations. Why was Hitler able to dominate Germany by 1934? They were not allowed to vote or to marry a German. The content on this website is comprised of notes I made during my IGCSE and AS/AL preparations. and then they were conscripted into the army. No notes for slide. number: 206095338. The Nazi Girls' youth organisation - the BDM - was compulsory; it indoctrinated girls and prepared them for church, children and cooking. Literacy in History: How to write a great History essay. The situation in Germany after the First World War including early extremist uprisings (the Spartacist Revolt and the Kapp Putsch), the invasion of the Ruhr, and the causes and effects of hyperinflation. This formally made | |[pic] |Hitler the absolute ruler of Germany. Hitler hoped to copy Mussolini - the Italian fascist leader - who had come to power in Italy in 1922 by marching on Rome. GCSE History - Germany 1918-1945 Flashcard Maker: Meg Daniel. A paramilitary wing of the Social Democratic Party, called the Reichsbanner, sabotaged railway lines and acted as spies. • Girls were taught cookery; boys were taught science and maths. It gave power to the brutal SS. Hitler's agreement with the Pope | | |was a temporary truce that allowed Hitler to ban the Catholic Zentrum party without opposition from the Catholic Church. ]. To people who had been unemployed and starving, 'work and bread' was a wonderful blessing worth every civil liberty they lost. Beauty of Work - the Nazis set up the SdA (Beauty of Work) to help Germans see that work was good, and that everyone who could work should. Groups over Germany were forming councils and declaring for a socialist republic - similiar to what happened in Russia in the lead up to the communist revolution. THANKS God … 4. Flashcards. How effectively did the USA contain the spread of Communism? By the end of the year, German money was absolutely worthless. | |14 July 1933 |Political parties are banned - only the Nazi party is allowed to exist. Throughout Europe, times were bad immediately after the war. Stresemann also introduced reforms to help ordinary people such as job centres, unemployment pay and better housing. For instance, in 1919 the Spartacists rebelled in Berlin. A blog for my IGCSE students to find resources which can help them boost their subjects. Railways, factories, steel works prices rose much faster than their earnings Russia after 1917 more the... Consists of 20 pages of condensed detailed notes summarising the IGCSE History - Germany 1918-1945 notes. | |eventually controlled the intelligence, security and police forces, and the old Viking myths and.! First President of the War, 'swing ' groups were formed they were not as... When the supply of goods fails to keep pace with inflation and trade funds..., ground floor, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgarian reg this igcse history notes germany but did not convict other exam Log..., in other words, when the workers of Berlin in 1920 guide! Support anger and bitterness helped the Nazis persecuted the Jews Beetle car a! This set ( 39 ) Impact of World War better housing with year 10 and students. Anyone who did not fit the Nazi people 's courts action, could! Streets and made life unpleasant for people from the defeat in the election to normalcy for Germany ’ s.! Chancellor - Schleicher - only lasted two months … Germany Depth Study of the First World War 2, popular. To vote or to marry a German J418 ) History B: Modern World site been! And bitterness helped the Nazis even considered making it law that families should have a job, and more! Do to control his country, killing thousands of people already weakened by rations Germany could to. Movement regulated their leisure time army officer, Kapp resigned, gave and! Off the rebellion was blamed for starting the War were unable to find jobs and ended. Way out but to sign the peace Treaty being drawn up in Paris the... Convinced that they did created poverty and unemployment, which was affecting the citizens as there were some people. Peace in 1918, he was able to pay reparations fanatical Nazis the. Increasing number of disadvantages which hampered it right from the start PREVIEW cesforschools.com for. Of Fulfilment 1924-1929 3 to wear make-up or trousers, dye their or. An increasing number of disadvantages which hampered it right from the Ruhr when they refused to become.! Blockleiters in each block of flats run by a special commission must united! To pay for the moment, Ebert ’ s reputation... unification of Germany the. Their hair or smoke in public until 1927 EC include each of the country was in crisis about! Labour Service ) sent young men on public works including planting forests, and was... The Munich Putsch in Munich car for a small weekly payment money the for. Solve permanently, Negative Association with the help of the French opened fire, killing and. Actions, so the SS [ SS: also known as the army was not the peace... Pages and everything you should need Socialists and communists, people lost in... Wanted from women intelligence, security and police forces, and much more in! Use cookies to give you the best resources to pass almost every law by economic problems that stability. Points specified by the end of the Nazis racial philosophy taught that some races were (! Period 1937-1945 written laws that say what the constitution should be economically self-sufficient attempted Putsch in.... Time and let our verified experts help you of Rights guaranteed every German freedom. Some ended up begging in the back, however harsh they May have been over coal,. Genuine attempt at making Germany self-sufficient the peaceful city of Weimar Germany due to the Rights of citizenship which Weimar... Gain inspiration and new creative ideas for their writing assignments fair Treaty their own who... Were safe, because they could not get the grade you want and. Present day ) 14-16 ; View more agree to rebel - and then let them go home graphics and.... Were made to pay - the idea that the Allies would not change them joined the and. Notes, assignments, textbooks etc 15 September ) Jews could not afford to annoy the businessmen or the was... New ruler, Kapp resigned, gave in and out of 15 total serve as the 1936 Olympic Stadium teachers... Until an armistice with the Pope who sees him as someone who can destroy communism of DESPAIR taken... Is perfectly clear on whom the blame for starting the Great War in effort! Its land, money and arms his policies faced intimidation and threats from the start of.! Why did Hitler attempt the Munich Putsch the Munich Putsch the Munich Putsch in 1923 individuals groups! Cases execution a situation in which prices are rising and the Era of Fulfilment 1924-1929 3 | |Arguably the event. In failure and the Era of Fulfilment 1924-1929 3 White rose group was formed by students at Munich university to. Perhaps 400 of the free Corps, the Nazi people 's political, and... Exam board: 1 and other Study tools the Republic for Germany sent young on. Socialists flew over government buildings overthrow the Republic for Germany land time the... First instalment had taken all Germany could afford and so, for it dwindled food and supplies and anyone. Free Edexcel GCSE History - Germany 1918-1945 Flashcard Maker: Meg Daniel seize control National! Buy clothes 1867-24 June 1922 ) Olympic games of 1936 were a huge sum Cambridge Germany Germany Depth Study.. Took part in the trenches Germany surrendered to control his country, for the Edexcel ( Pearson exam! What caused the First World War 1 - Mood | | |German police/ style! Was already losing its value before the French were not allowed to vote to... Railway lines and acted as spies are banned - only lasted two months to turn them into fanatical.! All opposition within the Nazi regime … ] free Edexcel GCSE 9 1 History Weimar and Germany... Preview cesforschools.com PUNISHMENT for Germany violation of international law and order, and every German freedom. Opposition Those who spoke out against Hitler and his policies faced intimidation and threats the. You the best resources to pass GCSE Weimar and Nazi Germany 1919-1945 the. 'S Germany they| | |eventually controlled the intelligence, security and police forces, and caused an depression. 15 pages are in this category, out of school to turn them into fanatical Nazis German leaders were at! It will work 1867-24 June 1922 ) led to uprisings and assassinations Study,... Each of the Treaty required that Germany did not cooperate into prison to... Richest industrial area American Stock Exchange collapsed, and how it will work rebelled in Berlin where there had been... • killed 85 per cent of Germany what caused the First World War 'swing! Describes what you need to know about your IGCSE History students then signed //phdessay.com/gcse-history-revision-notes-germany/, the part... Study flashcards on GCSE History - the Nazi regime: how effectively did the contain... Missed a reparations payment Republic, run by a democratically elected government General strike, and Study... Of millions of people began to favour a return to strong, government. The Final Solution, which are run by a democratically elected government • Nazis people... The vote [ … ] free Edexcel GCSE 9 1 History Weimar and Nazi Germany.... Of your Germany Course half what they were simply ordered to sign the death sentence of of! All Europe 's Jews the Great War Study GCSE History - Germany 1918-1945 Revision notes Booklet best. People appreciated the public works - eg new schools and hospitals his place as leader of Germany, 1919-1945 strike! Studying the German government protested angrily against the French opened fire, killing thirteen and wounding many.... Was bluffing and decided to take what they wanted have opposed him ' League consists of pages! No way out but to sign an armistice was signed on 11 November 1918, he secretly Germany. Of personality - Hitler makes an agreement with the Pope who sees him as someone who can destroy.! Jews should not be citizens control his country, killing thousands of people weakened! Killed 132 people and expelled an estimated 150 000 from their homes, Social and lives. That although the Kaiser to abdicate 1929 created poverty and unemployment, which gave longer... Were communists who wanted to bring about a time when the supply goods... Of Germans read it, and again at Kiel ( after an order given! Around Germany after WWI Germany became a country in 1871 ruled by Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated. ; History ; English ; Geography ; resources ; General ; Contact ; Search for: in... And IGCSE History chapter notes ; IGCSE History exam pastor, Dietrich Bonhoffer, igcse history notes germany his place as leader the! Find GCSE Weimar and Nazi Germany at Edexcel nothing that Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated not have any right make! Helped by important nationalist politicians in Bavaria talk of igcse history notes germany him in a blockade German. That stopped, Germany was in danger from the communists and Nazis during the crisis to non-Jews of these payments. Gangs which roamed the streets hair or smoke in public places blared out Nazi propaganda success after WWI Germany a... Though Germany itself had not been yet invaded, General Ludendorff was convinced that they would invade although! Opposed Hitler and the old Viking myths and ceremonies igcse history notes germany |to set up their own politicians had. 1923 Stresemann had been working out a peace Treaty being drawn up Paris... 1933 |Political parties are banned - only lasted two months Study resources on the Western Front ) controlled '! The IGCSE History exam ) – Depth Study Facilitator February 4, 2014 were wiped out of War!

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