Begin the Journey

You look up in the sky every time you hear an airplane passing overhead. And you’ve been thinking about learning to fly for a long time, probably since you were a kid. But you haven’t yet taken that first simple step to turn your dreams into reality.  Well, now is the time.

Learning to fly is more accessible -- and more fun -- than ever. Today’s state-of-the-art airplanes with computerized cockpits and leather seats make flying as comfortable as a ride in a nice car, but a LOT faster. Just imagine using a typical four-seat plane to take weekend trips with your friends and family. All-day drives in traffic are replaced by short flights in a private airplane. And you can fly some aircraft with as little as 20 to 30 hours of instruction. What’s even better, as a private pilot, you can rent, time-share or even own an airplane by yourself or with partners.

Flying will connect you to exciting destinations. Trips to favorite places that were once too far to visit by car become easy daytrips by air. You can easily see visit favorite friends, exciting cities, great golf courses, beckoning beaches or quiet getaways. There’s a whole new world of travel; a world with the beauty and joy of flying and the camaraderie of fellow pilots.  And it’s all there waiting for you.

Whatever your reasons for learning to fly, it’s easier than ever. With a wider range of aircraft, thousands of flight schools nationwide, you can learn to fly today.

Ready to live the dream? Click here to Find A Flight School near you.

You Can Learn to Fly

Just about anyone with the desire can learn to fly. That means you! And one of the best things is that you’ll be flying from Day One under the helpful instruction of an FAA-certified flight instructor. They’ll teach you everything you need to know to be safe and to have fun. You’ll literally see the world from a whole new perspective and experience the joy of soaring through the air. Anyone in good health can qualify to become a pilot. In some cases your driver's license alone proves that you're healthy enough to fly.

And the cost? Not to worry because flying is as affordable as lots of other pursuits like motorcycling, boating or RVing. You don't need to buy your own airplane. Most pilots rent one of thousands of airplanes located at more than 3,500 flight schools nationwide. And you can pay as you go; simply pace your flying to match your budget and the sky is yours whenever you want to fly.

Ready to live the dream? Click here to Find A Flight School near you.

Start Flying Now

You are ready to take that all-important first step toward becoming a private pilot. Getting started is as simple as a mouse click and a phone call. First, follow this link to Find A Flight School near you. Then just give them a call, or better yet drop in for a visit. You can meet the instructors, tour the airport, sit in an airplane, even go for an introductory flight. And -- with the guidance of a flight instructor -- you can actually fly the airplane from engine start to takeoff to landing to shutdown.

So stop dreaming and start flying. With more than 3,500 flight schools nationwide, you can start learning to fly today.

The sky awaits you. Become a private pilot. Today!

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